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TBF Computing, INC. owns and operates a purpose built hydraulic twin shaft shredder for shredding electronic equipment and magnetic storage media such as hard drives and tape cartridges.  Hard drives are reduced to small pieces.  Data is unrecoverable. The pieces are recycled.


We maintain a chain of custoday when we perform the pickup with our employees and company owned trucks within a 500 mile radius of Atlanta.   A video recording can be made available as well.  We can record serial numbers of the units we are shredding.  We will provide you with a certificate of data destruction.


Contact us for a quote.  Tell us about your shredding needs and we will create a solution tailored for you.


Do you have customers who need their data destroyed?  Partner up with us.   Call us to discuss how we can help each other. 










junk hard drives to be shredded



inside of shredder



scrap aluminum with some contamination