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We are registered with the state of Georgia as a Computer Recycler.  Great care is taken to ensure your equipment will not end up in a landfill.  We believe the best recycling method is reuse.   We test all equipment for remarketting.  If it fails or is unrepairable and not remarkettable it is recycled.  Virtually every component of computer equipment is broken down and recycled.  We demanufacture scrap computer equipment into it's base components - glass, steel, copper wire, aluminum, circuit boards, plastics, batteries and other categories.  Seperated scrap material is passed onto several intermediary processor facilities who take the scrap materials into the next step of recycling.   90% of scrap materials are passed onto Regency Technlogies, Premier Surplus, and Reworx (formerly Recycletronics by Tommy Nobis), all of which are R2 certified.  This eliminates any questions about what happens downstream because R2 certified companies are required to handle it properly.


 Scrap crt monitors are recycled down to reusable glass in Kennesaw, GA by Reworx!   Scrap crts are completely dismantled, and made into a smelter and refinery ready product.


recycled crt monitor glass cullet prepared for sale to new crt manufacturers.Cleaned leaded crt monitor glass from scrap crt monitors.



Information: GA EPA ID # GAR000051797

  • Definition of Recycling

  • to treat or process to make suitable for reuse as new material

  • to use again in it's original form or parts thereof

recycling diagram