Asset Recovery | Computer Equipment Buyouts & Disposal


We are confident that we can help your company recoup the most out of its old computer equipment. Call us and find out! TBF Computing, INC. handles everything regarding the complete remarketting of your old equipment on a profit sharing basis or offering you a straight buy out. Send us your inventory list, bid, rfp, or rfq and we will bid competitively. AMD Apple Asus Axis Broadcom Brother Canon Cisco Compaq Dec Dell Digi Digital Gateway Hp Intel IBM Lexmark Micron Motorola Nokia SuperMicro Viewsonic Xerox and more. cabinets cables datacenters desktops laptops networks racks servers switches

Creation of an initial inventory list
We will send a technician to your location to make a preliminary inventory list if required. We will make you an offer for the equipment.

Our technicians are sent to your location(s) to deinstall and or dismantle computer equipment, and data centers. We stage it and prepare it for shipment to our warehouse.

Secure Pickup and logistics
We use a network of truck drivers to pick freight up all over the nation. When servicing companies in the Atlanta metro area, we use our company owned truck. We can create serial number lists of equipment picked up on pickup if needed. We specialize in working with companies who have hundreds to thousands of locations.

Creation of a Serialized Inventory List
We create a detailed inventory list of equipment picked up. The equipment's weight, brand, model, serial number, asset tag number(s), and more, can all be captured. View a small sample inventory list.

Processing and Testing Processing and Testing
We process, sort, and test your equipment at our warehouse in Marietta, GA. We test for functionality, repair equipment if needed, and break down scrap equipment. Everything is sorted and prepared for repair, de-manufacturing and or resale.

Product Repair and Refurbishing
Some circuit board level repairs are performed. Capacitors may be replaced, chips may be resoldered onto a board, and or connectors may be repaired.

Secure Data Destruction and Sanitization
As technicians process your equipment your data is destroyed. We use the same software the government uses to destroy all data on your hard drives. All other magnetic media is shredded in a large 100 horsepower metal shredder. We provide you with a certificate of data destruction with our guarantee that your data has been destroyed. The certificate of data destruction optionally will include the serialized inventory list.

Remarketting of Equipment
We remarket equipment to end users and wholesalers worldwide.

De-manufacturing and Recycling of Scrap Materials
Almost all scrap material is de-manufactured in Marietta, GA. Computers, printers, and monitors are broken down into their base components: steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit board, glass, and copper.

Employee Buyback Programs or Donations to Charities
You can offer equipment to your employees or have us prepare equipment for donation to a charity. We are confident that we can help your company recoup the most out of its old computer equipment. Call us and find out!